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TINS — Vendor Hold Search


Search Options

Things to remember when performing a search:

  • Using the Match whole words option is generally recommended.
  • Searching for names that contain numbers is acceptable.
  • Both lowercase and uppercase letters are acceptable.
  • Special characters ( #, /, &) in the name are acceptable but should generally be omitted.  
    Example: S&J Hardware should be entered as S J Hardware.

Search results:

  • A system message "No vendor hold record was found for the search criteria" will be displayed if the search finds no records.
  • Search displays vendor hold records only. Search excludes hold records for state employees and individual recipients.
  • Performing a name search may result in finding multiple records with like names. It may be necessary to perform additional research using TINS in order to determine a vendor's hold status.
  • The name displayed is the name entered into TINS by the hold source agency.
  • City, State, and ZIP are listed as entered into TINS by the hold source agency. Blanks appear if information has not been provided in TINS.